Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Party Fun

Last weekend we went to a birthday party. It was Baby Boy's second party ever and just like the last time, people played "pass the baby" while the party was going on. There was a bouncy house which was VERY scary for Baby Boy. But the piñata was slightly more successful. I think the whole experience was a bit overwhelming for the kiddo. Regardless, he was a good sport and it was a good time for us and for the darling 3 year old birthday girl.

Baby Boy and the birthday girl

Very scary bouncy house

Hitting the huge piñata with a little help from Daddy

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zapopan Visit

When Grandpa was here we also did a little bit of touring. Baby Boy had his first visit to Zapopan Centro. It is right outside of Guadalajara and a quick visit. The main attraction is the cathedral in the historic center. It's a pretty important one and even the Pope visited not too long ago! The one thing the plaza is missing is some serious shade; the sun was scorching hot. Nevertheless, Baby Boy was his usual calm and observant self and was happy to accompany us around the historical center.

chillin' in the Ergo in our tiny bit of shade

the cathedral

in the government palace: learning about the mural

Friday, March 23, 2012

Solids So Far: Baby Led Weaning Explained

Just before his six month birthday Baby Boy started eating solids. So far it has gone swimmingly well. As I outlined in the book review for Baby Led Weaning, we have become big fans of this method of weaning. There are probably three main differences that parents need to come to terms with when forgoing the traditional purées for this route:

1) You have to give up that image we all have in our head of spoon feeding our own little Gerber baby. (I think this is actually the hardest part at first!)

2) You have to let go of the expectation that your kid will eat a substantial amount right away. When purée fed babies are eating a full 1 oz, your kid might eat a quarter of a veggie stick, but that's awesome. (I'll get to why soon).

3) You have to trust your kid. By waiting 6 months to start solids, your baby has the physical strength to sit up (which is how adults eat too!). They can also pick up the food and put it in their mouth. Now you can help them develop the skills for eating solids.

I think it all comes down to trusting our little kiddo to figure things out on his own. When we started, I would supervise like a hawk to make sure that Baby Boy wouldn't choke. M has been pretty scared of this and doesn't like to be in charge of meal time. However, generally if Baby Boy has trouble with a piece of food it is usually a piece of fruit skin or something similar. He then gags a little until he can get it unstuck from the roof of his mouth and spit it out. I have only needed to stick my finger in his mouth a few times to help him out, and even this is generally premature. Now he actually closes his mouth tighter if he thinks I'm going in. It is his food after all.

So how did we do it?

For the first month we started with well cooked fruit and veggie sticks. This was pretty straight-forward. The main factor was to cook things well enough so that Baby Boy could mash them with his gums, but not too much otherwise they would fall apart in is hands before making it to his mouth. A little trial and error and I got this down.

Our second month I added some spoon feeding. I pre-load the spoon with oatmeal/soup and then hand it to Baby Boy. He grabs with his hands and puts it in his mouth. At first this was very messy, but now Baby Boy is a pro, and I think that soon he will be ready to start filling his own spoons. One key point is that I try to put the spoon right in the middle, so that Baby Boy can choose which hand he prefers to grab it with.

Our third month, I continued expanding our repertoire with some solid carbs: bread and pasta. Baby Boy loves these and has figured out how to gnaw them to obscurity, even though he has no teeth!

By our fourth month, Baby Boy had started picking up crumbs and small pieces, so I knew that he was ready for puffs. The kid LOVES his puffs and it's amazing how well he handles them.

What about food allergies?

On the continuum of "introduce only one food at a time" (traditional weaning method) to "he can have anything at 6 months" (baby led weaning method), we fall somewhere in the middle. Traditional weaning has you wait a few days before introducing new foods to check for allergic reaction. The reasoning is that if you start solids at 4 months, baby's digestive system is not developed yet. Those that follow baby led weaning to the T, would say that at 6 months baby can have anything because their digestive system IS developed.

To me, these are both extreme. Based on common sense, mostly, I didn't think it was necessary to wait between introducing carrots and zucchini, for example. Both are non-allergenic foods. I did wait a little longer with citrus for example because I saw that when he first ate them at 7 months he got a little red around the mouth; the acid was obviously irritating him. But at 8 months, we tried a piece again and he loved it and had no reaction. Yes, baby's digestive system is a lot MORE developed at 6 months than at 4 months, but it continues to develop afterward too, and there is no reason to rush into every last possible food.

What about drinks?

For a couple of months I offered Baby Boy water in a sippy cup or straw cup with not much success. He would just play with the cup or chew on the straw without actually drinking anything. I finally just gave him his own little open cup and he quickly figured out how to pick it up with both hands and slurp up the water!

At this point Baby Boy still nurses about 5 times a day (and often once more in the middle of the night). After his solids meal, he will have a few sips of water, but nothing substantial yet.

Why do we love it?

1) Baby Boy has learned to eat food the way adults eat from the beginning. This means: picking up food, putting in mouth, biting off a manageable piece, chewing it, and finally swallowing. It is really remarkable to see him develop these skills at such a young age!

2) Going out to eat is SO SO EASY with Baby Boy. I can always find something on our plates to give him. I do try to make sure that what he gets is healthier though, so I might remove the batter from my fried fish before giving him some.

3) It's a lot less work for me. I do not have to make special food for him and I do not have to deal with washing a blender all the time! While I do adapt some of our foods for him, usually I will just leave a portion out of whatever I am making for us before adding a no-no ingredient (such as nuts).

4) We can eat together, at the same time. Because Baby Boy is handling the food himself, I just need to manage the meal by re-filling his tray and keeping an eye on him. My hands are, mostly, available to eat my own food and that's pretty nice.

And that concludes our solids manifesto. Kudos if you made it all the way through! Questions?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grandpa's Visit

Grandpa came to town to visit Baby Boy (and us) and we had a grand ol' time. We played outside, at the park, went out to eat, saw M's soccer game together, did a little bit of touring, but mostly went about our normal routine. I think Baby Boy is now in attention- withdrawl.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

At the Pool

It is hot here! So last Saturday we finally took advantage of our JCC membership and took Baby Boy to the pool. True summer baby that he is, he loved it! At first he was a bit unsure about this ginormous bath (and we are quite certain he doesn't remember his first time at the pool) but quickly he got the hang of it. I see lots of pool time in our near future!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purim 2012

Purim ended up on a weekday for us, and so our celebrations were limited but still of note. Baby Boy and I started the morning by watching a youtube video of Purim songs. He loved that I was letting him stare at the computer (since this never happens) and sat quietly through the whole medley. Meanwhile, M got a special mishloah manot in his bag for the hospital.

When M got home in the afternoon, we got Baby Boy dressed up in his costume as king. Seeing as he is king of this household much of the time, it seemed appropriate (and also an easy to whip up costume). He took to it right away.

In the evening M and I had a glass of wine with some hamentashen and called it a day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Miguel de Allende (with a baby)

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to San Miguel de Allende. The car ride was fine- about 5 hours including one long stop for a feeding/diaper change/play time. We ended up leaving a lot later than planned and got in town late but Baby Boy was happy to accompany us on a late dinner.

in the Ergo carrier, all weekend long

The following morning we walked the town, touring the landmarks, with Baby Boy in the Ergo Carrier. The kid was a trooper, and even though it got a little hot for him on M's back, he didn't complain and let us see the sights almost at our old (childless) pace. I should note, that the cobblestone streets meant that we didn't even take the stroller out of the trunk the whole weekend; it just wasn't practical.

at El Jardin, the main plaza

We saw the usual sites: the cathedral, the plaza, the museum. M was happy to have a "buffer" at the museum so that he could just sit around and not feel guilty, and I was happy to be able to read through the descriptions, so it all worked out. We climbed up a pathway to see the viewpoint, enjoyed the local park that was less than optimally shaded, and loved the botanical garden outside town.

appetizer of puffs until the food came

The gringo retirees that lived there loved to "chat" with Baby Boy, and I was pleasantly surprised that all the restaurants we went to had high chairs for him, which meant we could enjoy our meals. He got to try frijoles and rice and bread along with some fresh veggies and it was a big success.

upscale Mexican food, yum!

Our only mis-managed aspect was that the hotel didn't have a bathtub. One night he showered with me, and that was a slippery mess. The second night we bathed the kiddo in the sink and he made sure that all the water ended up on the floor. Oh well. Luckily he slept ok in the pack 'n play, and was able to make up some of his missed sleep hours on the drive back to Guadalajara.

at El Chorro botanical garden with lots of cacti

All in all, I would definitely recommend San Miguel as a child friendly tourist town. (Although if your baby is too heavy to carry, but not quite old enough to walk independently, it might be a bit more difficult).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mommy Baby Centro Fun

When Baby Boy was sick, I kept him away from other kids, but we were going stir-crazy at home. And so we went willingly* downtown to the historical center for a little quality time. We hit up the museum, city hall, a church and just wandered around. Daddy M did some errands and met us for lunch. It was a fun time for us and we were so happy that the kiddo was happy to be out and about even though he didn't feel well. What a trooper!

*It is sometimes a chore to go downtown, when I am the tour guide for our visitors.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eggless Hamentashen

As you know, I have had to eliminate eggs from my diet to accommodate for Baby Boy. Here is the recipe I came up with for hamentashen, hopefully just in time for those celebrating Purim today. Enjoy!


1 1/4 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp applesauce
1 Tbsp oil (I used Canola)
2 Tbsp aged Tequila (or other dark liquor of your choice)
2 Tbsp milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp lemon and/or orange rind
pinch of salt
90 grams butter

1- Combine all the ingredients except for the butter.
2- Cut COLD butter up into several pieces and knead them into the dough.
3- Let chill for several hours until the dough is hard enough to roll out (not sticky).
4- Flour your surface, roll out dough to appx 3 mm width.
5- Cut out circles using a wide cup, fill with jam or filling of your choice, and fold into triangles.
6- Bake at 400 degrees F for about 20 minutes (until bottom is golden).

Monday, March 5, 2012

March?! (Random)

I can't believe it's March already! Here in Mexico, we've officially transitioned into summer time, or as I like to call it "Hot Season". While the early mornings and late evenings are cool, during the day the sun is bright and hot. It's exciting and tiring all the same.

Baby Boy is still waiting on his 8 month letter and I've been a bad blogger because I keep putting it off. Coming...

We took a trip out of town. It was awesome and tiring (see above re: heat). Another post coming...

Baby Boy has/had his first real cold. I think this is the tail end of the runny nose, but I'm ready for it to be over. We stayed home from activities like Baby Yoga and delayed some of his vaccinations. The cuddles were nice in the beginning but I'm ready for him to be better and to retire our Nosefrida. But we did some town exploration instead...

We got TV; well we got service actually. After more than a year of having an ever decreasing number of fuzzy channels because we canceled our cable service, we finally bit the bullet and contracted satellite. Installation was within one day. I wish I could stay home and just watch TV for a week now.

We are on schedule recovery now. Pray with me that the kiddo decides he's ready for a routine again, because I sure am. (And crazy what 2 nights off can do!) Also, laundry and unpacking.

random yogurt picture