Friday, February 24, 2012

Yoga Mama Bebe

Baby Boy and I started the new year by signing up for a yoga class. The class involves me (and the other mothers), trying to do yoga poses while holding an almost 20 lbs lump (that would be my darling Baby Boy). Of course we do lots of tickling and cuddles while we stretch, and Baby Boy particularly loves when we do arm strengthening exercises and he gets lifted up and down while my arms shake and try to keep up with the teacher that is demonstrating using a baby doll (not fair!). It's a lot of fun for the kiddo and he spends most of the class squealing with delight.

Usually, about half way through the class, the teacher pulls out balloons to keep the older kids occupied (those would be the 6-12 month olds, as opposed to the 3-5 month olds that are more complacent). Baby Boy, being his determined self has taken to "stealing" balloons from the little ones. The funny thing is that recently some of the older babies, that can crawl already, have started to "steal" his. It's an amusing spectacle and definitely helps keep me distracted from my tired legs and still pretty flabby abs.

chillin' on the mats before class

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