Monday, February 20, 2012

Words He Might Know

After hubby M, sent me this article (in a nutshell, babies as young as 6 months recognize words), I couldn't help but try to think what words I think Baby Boy might know. These are the ones I came up with:

coffee- It's almost embarrassing how many times Baby Boy has seen me make coffee, ranging from an instant to a full on cappuccino. I do try to incorporate little lessons about boiling water and so on, but I'm pretty sure he knows this means we're going to the kitchen to mess around with stuff on the counter.

hug- Doesn't need much explanation, but I make him give me lots of hugs and visa versa.

kiss- Ever since he was a tiny baby, I've been teaching him to give a little kiss. At this point, after I give him a kiss, if I put my cheek towards his mouth he will open it and it's pretty amusing.

milk- I actually didn't start using this word a lot until the last few weeks when I have sort of started signing some words. Before it was "do you want to eat"? And it was pretty clear because his food cry has always been "le". But I'm pretty sure that now he knows this word.

play- As in, let's change your diaper and then we'll go down to play. At the very least he associated this with our play area.

bath- I'm quite positive he knows what bath time is all about. He always gets excited for tickle time.

walk- Another one I'm really sure about, he's always in a great mood if I say we're going for a walk, and once he's in the stroller will sit quite contentedly for 10 minutes while I gather my things.

story- Lately he's really gotten much more focused when I read him a story, but I also use this to ask him to talk, (as in "tell me a story") and if he's in the mood he most certainly complies.

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