Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Our Valentine's Day was a bit of a flop. M had a super busy day at the hospital, and so I scurried to make a little holiday goodness with our little time together. The morning was a hectic one as I made a little dessert pizza* for M, to be served with coffee in a festive little mug I got. I left the table all set and Baby Boy and I were off to yoga class.

the sparse table arrangement

When we came home mid-day, M had a short little break and swung by the house. He opened his little gift from Baby Boy, and after a quick lunch together we had some of my home-made artery clogging goodness.

opening cookies from Baby Boy

The evening was a whirlwind to get Baby Boy to bed and we were done. It was too late to do much, so we didn't. Valentine's celebrations (including the lovely bottle of cava in our fridge) have been postponed until we have a breather to get our act together.

*My usual brownie recipe baked in a round pan, with cream cheese frosting, fresh coconut shavings and little raspberry candies.

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