Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Baby's Smile

A baby's smile: makes your day. That, according to yet another guy that stopped me in the supermarket to talk about Baby Boy. I think he's right.

Mostly when I go out, I get lots of comments on Baby Boy being cute. I appreciate them of course, but I think at this point I almost take them for granted, even though I always smile and thank them. For some reason however, this comment, a little more profound than the usual jabber made me take note. Maybe our precious little boy does have a good effect on the world (and he doesn't even know it). It got me thinking...and I decided that I am very very Lucky! Perhaps this is why I've been so content the last few months. Despite not having the outside gratification that working or even studying would provide, I get awarded with the most perfect smile several times a day.

*Then of course I think: does that mean I need to take him out more? Should we be going around making people feel better? Am I ungrateful when I pull out the computer because I'm tired of playing with him? What does this mean???

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