Thursday, January 5, 2012

Six Months

I seriously can't believe that I am writing this post! Where did the time fly?

You, Baby N, are so fun and smiley. You love being outside, hanging out with people, and getting your flirt on. As long as you've got someone's attention you are such a happy baby. Consequently, whenever you are sick of the house (whining) we just need to take you out, and you're instantly a new person.

This past month, you became angry at us for not letting you eat our food, and so we started letting you have some of your own food to explore. We are astounded at your amazing coordination in picking up food and gnawing on it. Occasionally, you even eat some of it! You've already tried: sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, honeydew melon, avocado, banana, hearts of palm, broccoli and apricots! Now you love sitting at the table with us again.

You love playing with rattles and things that make noise, shaking them, switching from hand to hand, and most recently, grabbing two toys with two hands. And you're sitting almost perfectly, which means that you can play on your own a little.

You've become a funny little boy, making faces and blowing raspberries; you definitely have a sense of humor. You have also started eating your feet and that is endearingly amusing every single time.

Even though, you're not sleeping through the night, you are on a schedule more or less, which makes Mommy's life a lot easier, and a lot more fun during our quality time together. Daddy is still your best tickle buddy, and we both are so excited to see you keep growing, learning, and expressing yourself!

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