Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Move Out

By the six month mark I was getting desperate. It had been well over a year since I slept for more than 5 hours in a row due to pregnancy bathroom wake-ups and our baby that didn't really want to sleep. When we were all sleeping together in a family bed for the first four months, things were pretty good. Baby Boy was on a twin bed between our bed and the wall, he had his own space and no one had to get up for middle of the night feedings. Once we transitioned him to a Pack 'n Play in our room though, things got tough: I had to get up out of bed and Baby Boy wasn't sleeping any better.

We identified two main problems:
1- The bed: the Pack 'n Play did not seem comfortable at all, even once I added a mattress pad to it. Being that it's sort of winter here, Baby Boy was also very close to the floor and I'm pretty sure being slightly too cold was waking him up.

2- The location: being in our room, specifically my room, made us too accessible. Why not have a little night snack when we're so close- I mean he could easily see me, not to mention hear and smell when we came into the room at night.

The last couple of weeks, were a nightmare with Baby Boy ending up in our bed every.single.night. Because after getting up so many times, I rather just have him next to me and be able to pat him to sleep. So on the advice of many friends, and our own intuition that it was time to end this co-sleeping era, Project Move Out was on.

The first order of business was finally fixing up the crib we had bought used. Since it was an old drop-side crib, we had a carpenter take it and replace the shaky plastic pieces with wood. It's not the prettiest solution, but it's a whole lot sturdier and (I feel) much safer. We also had him replace the spring base with a thick piece of plywood, so that there is no sinkhole in the mattress. One day I might prettify it, but for now it works.

The second order of business was saying good-bye to M's full time office, and turning it into an office/nursery. One of the desks came out (and lives in our bedroom, so that M has a place to study in the evenings after Baby Boy goes to bed). The aforementioned crib, along with baby- stuff bookcase/wardrobe, and diaper pail moved in.

So far? Big success!* In a 12-hour night, Baby Boy usually gets up Once to nurse for a few minutes and that's it! It has been so great, that I don't mind that I need to walk down the hall to get him. Everyone has been sleeping so much better, and it's kind of nice to have our bedroom back.

*Hopefully I'm not jinxing us.

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