Monday, January 2, 2012

Hannukah 2011

Baby Boy celebrated his first Hannukah, during our Stateside visit. We diligently lit the candles every night. Even the day that I almost forgot and we had already gotten him undressed for bath time. Even the day that guest were coming late and we had to do two rounds of lighting. Even the night we flew back home to Mexico*. Except for the last night, when we ran out of candles. Mommy fail. BUT, it was fun. Baby Boy was totally enthralled by the fire and most definitely enjoyed the family visit and being showered with attention. I also had a nice break from being entertainment committee. It was a success.

*Aside: weird that I call Mexico home, but that feels like the most home place we have right now.

#WEverb11 no. 25- What did you celebrate in 2011? Are you looking forward to any celebrations in 2012?

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