Sunday, January 1, 2012

Border Control

And we were off again. Baby Boy, M and I flew to back to the States to celebrate Hannukah with family. The flight was good and uneventful. Baby Boy nursed during take-off, and then we passed him back and forth until we had arrived. I can already see how he's going to be a handful on coming flights. The kid just wanted to eat our not-tasty meal, and play around the whole time. Anyway, at the airport we ironically were given a little Santa hat. I put it on him; can't hurt to have a little holiday spirit while going through border patrol and customs. Baby Boy got his flirt on with anyone that gave him the time of day. And that was that. Out of our control but totally manageable.

#WEverb11 no.24- What did you finally let go of in 2011? What will you let go of in 2012

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