Saturday, December 31, 2011

Routine (6 months)

7:33- Baby Boy wakes up. If I'm lucky I take him out of his crib, if not then he's already in our bed by our side. He has his first milk feeding in the bedroom, a diaper change and some hanging out in our bed, until I can muster myself to go downstairs.

8:15- Baby Boy hangs out in the kitchen in his chair, or in the doorway jumper, while I make my breakfast. Then we move to the living room for some play time in the activity center and on the floor, until he seems tired.

9:15 ish - Nap

9:45/10:00- Baby Boy wakes up, has a milk feeding, and we begin our day. If I have errands to do out of the house or social gatherings then this is the time. I get us ready, which is a whole production: diaper change and "real clothes" for Baby Boy, I get dressed, I pack up the diaper bag/ stroller/ car, and we're off. If there are no plans, then we play at home: singing songs, reading books, tummy time, playing in the Bumbo etc.

12:15- A short nap.

12:45- Baby Boy is up again, has another milk feeding and hangs out while I get us some real food ready.

14:00- Time for solids, while M and I have lunch. Baby Boy joins with some fruit or vegetables, and we're happily amused to have some entertainment.

14:45- Another nap time; hopefully it's a long one.

16:00- Up again and another milk feeding. If we had been on a long walk in the morning, then we just go for a short walk around the neighborhood. Otherwise, it's time for our long walk, where I pick up a few groceries or do some other errand. Baby Boy loves staring up at the trees on the walk.

18:00- Tickle Time

18:20- Bath time: I turn on the water, M moves the full bath to the sink, while I finish undressing Baby Boy. M does bath time, while I lay out a towel, diaper and pajamas on our bed. M dries and dresses Baby Boy while I finish up some random task (collecting laundry from the dryer, or putting clothes away, or tidying our room).

18:40- When he's all set, M hands over Baby Boy for a final milk feeding in our bed. When done he gets a serious burping, I put him in the sleep sack and give him my nightly speech (Cliff notes: It's night time, everyone goes to bed at night, sweet dreams, I love you, see you in the morning). Finally Baby Boy gets put in his crib, stuffed dog in hand, and sleep sheep on.

19:00- Bed

01:00- Night feed

04:30-Night feed

*Well this was true for about a month, up until 6 Baby Boy is changing things up again, and I have to re-learn how our day should go. #WEverb11 no.23- Describe something that you actively engaged in learning to do this year

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