Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project Ferberize

When we last left off with the sleep saga, we were using Pick-up/Put-down as our main method. In short, this did not really work for us. Yes, we had gotten rid of the swaddle and pacifier but that was about it. I diligently waited for the semester to be over, so that sleep training could be a two parent ordeal. Meanwhile, I read everything and anything I could find on sleep.

I started with the gentlest method: The No-Cry Sleep Solution, and from that I took the idea to introduce a lovie- stuffed doggie, which is working well. Other than that though, I just couldn't deal with the prospect of 8 more weeks of the same. To be frank, babies change so often, that probably something would have worked in that time frame, but I couldn't attribute it to any method.

Then I checked out message boards, which use a variety of middle of the road methods. I began using this chart, as my guidelines.

On the other end of the spectrum, I read Babywise, because someone had given me a copy. Horrible book- the tone is very condescending in that since I hadn't been training Baby Boy from day one, I was obviously doomed, and it didn't give me any practical methods I could utilize at this point.

In the end I read Ferber. Finally I felt like there was some science going into this whole sleep business. I had a clear cut method laid out (waiting progressively longer between checks when baby is crying), and a chart ready to fill out. So Ferberization was about to begin.

Honestly the first day was horrendous: 2 hours of crying, then another one, and another one. We went in for checks every few minutes and meanwhile watched the drama unfold on the baby monitor. By the second day, the crying had been cut in half, and by the fourth day we had pretty much reached a reasonable rate of night wakings. Then of course, a few days later we went on vacation, and ruined the schedule so when we came back we had to start all over again.

At this point we seem to have hit a wall in that with a 7 pm bedtime, Baby Boy always wakes up around 1 am. I tried a dreamfeed around 10/11 pm when I was getting in bed, but that didn't seem to help. And tapping him over and over just disrupted my sleep even more (which was my selfish motivation for re-visiting the sleep training thing anyway). So I've basically resigned myself to 2 night feeds for now (the second one around 5 am).

*another cop-out #WEverb11 post (no.18) - re: teaching Baby Boy to sleep

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