Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Review

A couple of years ago I started making a list of 10 goals for the year. So here's my report card re: my 2011 goals.

1. Get a new credit card- PASS: researched and decided to hold off for now
2. Get a new passport- COMPLETE: actually had to get 2 since I couldn't get the new one in time and had to get a temporary one in between
3. Have a baby- COMPLETE: and I started a blog about the little bugger :)
4. Work out regularly- PASS: not perfect but not too shabby considering I was a big preggo for much of the year
5. Learn to use yeast (cinnamon rolls)- COMPLETE: they came out sooooo good! I used this recipe and while not an expert, my fear of yeast is pretty much gone. (this one also covers the topic of this WEverb11 post)
6. Improve Spanish- PASS: still lots to work on, but at least in terms of baby lingo I made leaps and bounds
7. Learn to drive a standard car- FAIL: I had one "lesson" and then never continued; I might have to move this to the 2012 list
8. Make a pizza from scratch- COMPLETE: several times, actually! I still need to find a better dough recipe but my homemade sauce is right on IMO.
9. Finish wedding memorabilia (album, framed pictures, scrapbook)- FAIL: but I still have a couple weeks to try to squeak this one out, right?
10. Strengthen my relationships (friends, family, husband, self)- PASS: this is never-ending of course, but I do feel I made significant efforts this past year.

#WEverb11 no.10

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