Friday, December 16, 2011

He Ate!!!

Baby Boy has been enthralled with us eating for a good long while now. Except a few weeks ago something changed: instead of being happy about our food, he became angry that he wasn't getting any. Every time he was at the table with us, he would grab at our food and get mad that we wouldn't let him eat it. So finally I decided to just dive right in.

I really liked the logic behind Baby Led Weaning, because if he can pick it up an chew it and swallow, well then I guess he's ready. We started with a few dry runs. Baby Boy sat with us while we ate: he got a spoon and a cup and sat in his high chair. Since that went well, I started giving him some food from my plate. Of course I didn't have big enough pieces so he could barely pick them up, but he did.

Finally I made him some food, or rather, I gave him pieces he could manage, fully expecting him to lick/ taste and not really eat anything. I was wrong! The next morning I was shocked to find out (via a dirty diaper) that Baby Boy had indeed ingested a fair amount of sweet potato!

dry run

sweet potatoes


* I should update that breastfeeding has gone very well since the last update. At three months, suddenly nursing became a 10 minute affair, which made everything much more manageable. I could nurse in the car, anywhere, anytime and my days were finally available for planning again. At 4 months I stopped the middle of the night pumping/bottle session and at 5, I finally stopped the last night feeding pumping/bottle session, when pumping was taking longer than breastfeeding.

also, this post is going to serve doubly as #WEverb11 no. 15

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