Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Months

This month began with a giggle; it was not just a squeal or silent laugh, but a true giggle, one that sounded exactly like your giggle toy. It was the sweetest sound we could ever imagine! And as the month progressed it only got louder, more frequent and less held back. It is like you can't contain your happiness anymore, it just has to burst out!

You still eat all toys, love clapping, snapping, singing, dancing and in general being showered with attention. You also complain when said attention is lacking. You LOVE your daily walks, and especially love going out and sitting on our laps so that you can see all the big people and excitement going on around you.

Your constant interest in everything means that you don't really want to sleep anymore, especially during the day. After a short twenty minutes you lift your head up and start looking around for someone to save you from your crib.

You have figured out cause and effect: you now know to shake the rattles to get them to make noise, kick your piano for sound, splash in the water and bang the giraffe toy to get a squeak, and you delight in the results of your efforts.

And of course, your biggest milestone this month was rolling over, not by accident but with intention. It seems like after a couple weeks of fussiness (teething, growing, learning), overnight you became a big kid. You can almost sit on your own; you have a running commentary over every activity, you became Loud, and you are ready to be the real king of the house.

Mommy and Daddy are enamored with your every squeal (even though you still don't let us sleep at night) and we are so excited for what's to come! We love you beyond words!

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