Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our first flight

The flight was ok; here's the play by play:
It was one of those tiny planes that was incredibly loud, tiny and uncomfortable. A guy helped me carry my backpack on the tarmac and up to the plane. We had a free seat next to us, and across the way sat a fat man that couldn't close his seatbelt, but the flight attendant didn't notice so whatevs. Baby Boy woke up as we were ascending, so I fed him. Lucky boy got to take his sweet-ass time and I didn't bother him to hurry up. So he pooped and I changed him on the seat next to me and he was so so happy. I think he was excited to look around. After a while he fussed a little, a bit of gurge (=regurgitated milk) on my shirt of course, even though I had a burp rag on me (seriously, what's the point?). Then we did a bit of pacing up and down the aisle in the Moby, and finally I just sat down because he did not want to sleep. With a bit of rocking though he finally did fall asleep and didn't wake up until we landed.

Fat man helped me carry my bag all the way to border control, which was really far, so kudos to him. The border control guy proceeded to tell me that my carrier was really bad; they had one and got rid of it after one week. Yeah thanks for that! Another guy got my suitcases on the cart for me and we were out of there. So halfway home, Baby Boy decided it was time to eat Right Now! I think it stressed Grandpa a bit, (who was driving us home) but I tried to give him a pacifier and calm him down, not that it helped much.

As soon as we got home I fed him. Of course he ate way way way too much because he was so frantic. And then proceeded to gurge on Auntie, me, Grandma and of course himself. M's aunt and uncle had just arrived, but the kid had pooped and had gurge all over so I bathed him. BTW this bath tub has an insert thing and it is so freakin' easy; I barely had to hold him. I didn't have soap, so we just used Dove and then he got jammies, and had to gurge a little more. He got totally overwhelmed with so many people around him and started to fuss a lot. Grandma took him so I could shower, and when I came back he was still pretty much a fuss-ball and so so tired. He was le-le boy (his cue for hungry), so I finally gave in and we went to do our routine, but he had 1 oz and was out. Talk about OUT- 7 hours the kid slept! Freaked me out, I kept getting up all night to check on him; every hour I think because he was in the Pack n Play and I couldn't really see him from the bed easily. Also, Diarrhea (for me). Man, what a waste, I could have slept so much, but NO.

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