Monday, October 10, 2011

New Place, New Toys

Baby Boy has done wonderfully on our trip so far. He's weathered several holiday dinners, complete with playing baby hot potato (i.e. pass the baby around). He's smiled and cooed for the guest to enjoy. He went to Memorial park for a walk, survived the Galleria mall, and nursed in the car more than ever. We dragged him around in the infant car seat: into the car and out, over and over. We took him for a neighborhood walk, in the moby and in the stroller. He's been suffering a bit from the AC, but at least we're finally getting use out of all those baby hats. Baby Boy went shopping with Mommy to lots of places, including Targee (because we wouldn't want to go back on our promise). And he's been sleeping by himself in the Pack n Play (not as well as usual, but perhaps he's growing, so we'll forgive him). The fun part though is lots of new toys: a bouncy chair and a swing, and lots of new books and a giggle toy that even cracks up his mommy.

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