Friday, October 28, 2011

Four Months

You started this month with a finger up your nose! Your hands are a source of great amusement now: your fists go in your mouth, you're able to grab toys and especially rags, you hold one hand with the other, you slap them down to make the rocking chair move or the water in the tub splash. It really is amazing to see how many uses they have!

This month you became "smart". Sometimes you fuss just to get us to come over to you, and once we arrive a big grin emerges. You gear up for your non-serious cries scrunching your whole face before letting out a scream. Now we have to reconsider letting you fuss for a bit.

We can usually get a smile out of you pretty easily. Your favorite sounds we make include pach-pach, blub-blub, click-click and imitating your happy sound u-gue. Also, clapping and snapping. You love getting kisses and will open your arms wide when prompted for a hug. You're so snuggly it's unbelievable. And that huge grin will often turn into a squeal of delight.

Everything goes in your mouth now. It is no longer just your thumb, or a rag, but every single item that is close enough to grab and push into your mouth goes in: it can be your Mommy's wrist, a stuffed animal, or a frustrating attempt at a ball. You are non-discriminatory when it comes to the pacifier, will try to suck it back up when it falls out (sometimes with success), and you can cry with it now. So long for pacifying.

You are still totally interested in the world- seeing every day activities, visiting with people, staring up at the trees you just LOVE, and being carried around so that you can look around. If you had it your way, we would just do that all day. So while you can lift your head really well now, you get annoyed on your tummy which blocks your world view, and that ubiquitous roll-over is coming on.

Fun games: staring at the mirror, anytime, anywhere and seeing us in the mirror; playing with a rag; watching us eat or brush our teeth, but especially eat.

Mommy and Daddy must be rocking some ESP because we both let you smell chocolate. We are your biggest fans, constantly cheering you on, clapping and dancing for you, and showering you with double kisses. All we ask for in return is that huge grin and twinkling eyes.

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