Monday, October 17, 2011


Baby Boy is allergic to eggs. It took about two weeks of green poop and rash break out to figure out what it was, but now we know. So I've been avoiding eggs like crazy.

At home it was easier, not easy, but easier. Basically my breakfast food options are down to bread and cheese a la bagel or toast, or cereal. This sucks because every good warm breakfast food has eggs, not to mention eggs themselves. I've also been avoiding cake and the likes.

Then we got to Houston, and I couldn't resist, I had a cupcake. Of course by the next morning Baby Boy has a small rash, but I said "it's ok, I won't have anything else". But at our holiday dinner I was eating matza ball soup. After one ball is occurred to me that matza balls have eggs, so I left the other one. But idiot number 1 here had challah. Then the next day, I had some more until the light bulb went off in my head. Hello, stupid. So Baby Boy has a major rash, and mommy has major guilt.

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