Wednesday, October 26, 2011

STUFF: Clothes

My recommendations are based on 3 loads of laundry a week (one lights, one darks, one gentle) because we do the baby laundry together with ours, but obviously you could do with less. We live in a temperate climate so our needs are similar year-round. Obviously you will want to adjust for quantities depending on your needs.

Jammies- these are the best! You want to make sure they are one-piece and footed, so that middle of the night diaper changes are as easy as possible (nothing to pull over the head/ figure out legs in right places when it's dark) and baby stays nice and warm, 7 per size.

Onesies (bodysuits)- so this is what the whole baby wardrobe is based on. You will change multiple outfits a day because of bodily fluids. I would say about half long sleeve and half short sleeve because even in the summer small babies need to be kept warm (especially if you have AC), 14 per size.

Pants- they keep baby warm, but you won't always use them. The footed cotton ones make your life so easy because don't have to mess with socks, 5 per size.

Nice outfits- these include nice little button down shirts, or jeans, or some other impractical outfit. They are a pain to put on, so not very practical, but still nice to have around, 2 outfits per size. (Most likely you will be gifted these, so don't worry about buying them yourself).

Socks- several, especially if you get lots of pants that aren't footed. They are a pain, but at least they look cute and keep baby toes warm.

Hats- several, brimmed for the sun, caps for the cold.

Bibs- your call. I find them useless because the kid will inevitably spit up on his outfit anyway, but maybe for later on.

Other- sweaters and jackets for cold weather, bathing suit (swim diaper) for the summer, rompers (they look cute).

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Return

Coming back to Mexico was great, in many ways. Mostly because flying with another adult made the trip SO much easier. Our last few days in the States were super fun because Daddy/Hubby M joined us. (And everything is just better together!) We had a great little busy weekend with lots of visits and friends (and packing). So even though we had the usual stress of way too much luggage to pack, and somehow I always find myself writing thank you notes just before we leave (because the mail in Mexico doesn't work), it was a crazy rush.

It rained. Did you know there was a drought in Texas? So obviously on our very last day, when I still need to run to Target one more time, and buy a few more jammies for our Baby Boy, it was pouring! and flooding! and NO ONE could complain! We drove in the rain to the airport, arrived with plenty of time to go through the motions with the machine check-in, even though it does not work for infant luggage (which is free BTW), and eventually get some human help to send us on our way.

The trip was a success. I completed one goal- to drink a pumpkin spice latte. How is it possible that I grew up in New England and never had one before? Regardless, it was delish! I didn't do so well on my goal to leave Baby Boy for more than an hour; actually I failed at it. BUT, soon! I WILL do it! We got to see lots of people, found out more friends are expecting (bringing the total to 7 babies on the way- insane, right?), and I didn't cook anything for 2 weeks- that was fun!

Since we've been back, I've unpacked 250 lbs of luggage (4 bags of 50 lbs + 2 carry-ons + 2 personal items). We have a lot more toys and books now, so I can keep myself entertained. And I am reading like crazy: sleep training, starting solids, potty training- I will be prepared, kind of.

(excuse the blurriness, our good camera was lost in the luggage mess,
but I think you get the idea)

Friday, October 21, 2011


Someone on facebook posted this status not too long ago, and for some reason I was compelled to save it.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

I think that's what a lot of life is all about. Sometime you have to jump right in and see where the road takes you. That's how I feel about motherhood. I was concerned about things like sleep deprivation. Would I be able to function? Would I be able to take care of the baby? Would I have the energy to talk talk talk, all day long, to someone who can't reply? to teach and nurture? and to still love? And what I've discovered is exactly why that status struck a note with me.
I DO have the energy, the patience, the desire to do my absolute best for this kid. To not fail him, I will do whatever it is that I should (or think I should) be doing. And not only that, I do it with renewed vigor I feel like I am the lucky one and would be a fool not to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity: to be Baby Boy's momma. In short, I feel like I am my best self.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

STUFF: Night

So part II in my STUFF series, things for getting ready for bed. I think a lot of brands are personal preference, but I did mention specific items that we've really loved.

Baby Bath
- Yes, you can shower with a baby. But you might find that little baby of yours licking up water, like ours did. So a small bath, or at the very least some type of mesh insert to put in a tub (if you are lucky enough to have one) is a must. Also one bottle of baby shampoo/body wash (not necessary, but probably good to have).

Swaddle blankets- We still swaddle every night! At the beginning it was a must because Baby Boy's hands would flail and wake him up. Now he still loves feeling bundled and sleeps a lot better with the swaddle. We love the Aden and Anais blankets for our summer baby, but again lots of types to choose from. Also regular blankets to put over the swaddle if it gets cold.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep- White noise was a big one for us, especially the first 3 months. After a while you get really tired of saying shhhhhh, over and over. This sheep is really cute, and we personally use the wave sounds to get Baby Boy to fall asleep.

Pacifiers- maybe you'll use them, maybe you won't. We only caved at around 2 months and Baby Boy just loves them and the sucking really soothes him. We've used Avent Soothies, Mam, and Nuk all successfully, but some kids are more picky.

Nightlight- because Baby will need to eat in the middle of the night...

Nosefrida- a contraption to suck out boggers. A lot better than the bulb if you have a snotty baby. We would always "de-boggify" before bed because young babies can only breathe through their nose, not their mouths.

A bed/crib- we used a twin bed stuck between our bed and the wall. This has made checking on the baby at night super easy (and we already had the bed, so it was free). Otherwise just get a crib.

(the far left is Baby Boy's bed, you can also spot the sleep sheep upside down)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Baby Boy is allergic to eggs. It took about two weeks of green poop and rash break out to figure out what it was, but now we know. So I've been avoiding eggs like crazy.

At home it was easier, not easy, but easier. Basically my breakfast food options are down to bread and cheese a la bagel or toast, or cereal. This sucks because every good warm breakfast food has eggs, not to mention eggs themselves. I've also been avoiding cake and the likes.

Then we got to Houston, and I couldn't resist, I had a cupcake. Of course by the next morning Baby Boy has a small rash, but I said "it's ok, I won't have anything else". But at our holiday dinner I was eating matza ball soup. After one ball is occurred to me that matza balls have eggs, so I left the other one. But idiot number 1 here had challah. Then the next day, I had some more until the light bulb went off in my head. Hello, stupid. So Baby Boy has a major rash, and mommy has major guilt.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Place, New Toys

Baby Boy has done wonderfully on our trip so far. He's weathered several holiday dinners, complete with playing baby hot potato (i.e. pass the baby around). He's smiled and cooed for the guest to enjoy. He went to Memorial park for a walk, survived the Galleria mall, and nursed in the car more than ever. We dragged him around in the infant car seat: into the car and out, over and over. We took him for a neighborhood walk, in the moby and in the stroller. He's been suffering a bit from the AC, but at least we're finally getting use out of all those baby hats. Baby Boy went shopping with Mommy to lots of places, including Targee (because we wouldn't want to go back on our promise). And he's been sleeping by himself in the Pack n Play (not as well as usual, but perhaps he's growing, so we'll forgive him). The fun part though is lots of new toys: a bouncy chair and a swing, and lots of new books and a giggle toy that even cracks up his mommy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Single Parent

Our second day in the US of A, I was left solo with Baby Boy for the entire day! I changed every diaper, burped, played, walked, bathed, dressed and of course fed, all day long! I don't know how single parents do it, because the day was not over and I was exhausted. At 7pm I was dead, but it was time to go to a big holiday dinner.

The kid was a trooper; sprung a huge grin for all the guests that came to oooh and aaah over him. Of course, 15 minutes after we got there, I had to feed him. Luckily my new nursing-friendly dress did the trick. Baby Boy did excellently, sitting in the car seat and then being held by different people while we took turns eating. The only problem was that he missed his evening nap, because he was too excited looking around at all the activity, and consequently at 9:45 the kid crashed into a cry. I took him home for a feeding and bed, happy that the day was finally over, and not quite ready to do it again the following day.

(nursing friendly dress, with auntie)

(at dinner, with hat for a.c.)

(good boy with grandpa)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our first flight

The flight was ok; here's the play by play:
It was one of those tiny planes that was incredibly loud, tiny and uncomfortable. A guy helped me carry my backpack on the tarmac and up to the plane. We had a free seat next to us, and across the way sat a fat man that couldn't close his seatbelt, but the flight attendant didn't notice so whatevs. Baby Boy woke up as we were ascending, so I fed him. Lucky boy got to take his sweet-ass time and I didn't bother him to hurry up. So he pooped and I changed him on the seat next to me and he was so so happy. I think he was excited to look around. After a while he fussed a little, a bit of gurge (=regurgitated milk) on my shirt of course, even though I had a burp rag on me (seriously, what's the point?). Then we did a bit of pacing up and down the aisle in the Moby, and finally I just sat down because he did not want to sleep. With a bit of rocking though he finally did fall asleep and didn't wake up until we landed.

Fat man helped me carry my bag all the way to border control, which was really far, so kudos to him. The border control guy proceeded to tell me that my carrier was really bad; they had one and got rid of it after one week. Yeah thanks for that! Another guy got my suitcases on the cart for me and we were out of there. So halfway home, Baby Boy decided it was time to eat Right Now! I think it stressed Grandpa a bit, (who was driving us home) but I tried to give him a pacifier and calm him down, not that it helped much.

As soon as we got home I fed him. Of course he ate way way way too much because he was so frantic. And then proceeded to gurge on Auntie, me, Grandma and of course himself. M's aunt and uncle had just arrived, but the kid had pooped and had gurge all over so I bathed him. BTW this bath tub has an insert thing and it is so freakin' easy; I barely had to hold him. I didn't have soap, so we just used Dove and then he got jammies, and had to gurge a little more. He got totally overwhelmed with so many people around him and started to fuss a lot. Grandma took him so I could shower, and when I came back he was still pretty much a fuss-ball and so so tired. He was le-le boy (his cue for hungry), so I finally gave in and we went to do our routine, but he had 1 oz and was out. Talk about OUT- 7 hours the kid slept! Freaked me out, I kept getting up all night to check on him; every hour I think because he was in the Pack n Play and I couldn't really see him from the bed easily. Also, Diarrhea (for me). Man, what a waste, I could have slept so much, but NO.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sidebar update

I'm starting to update the side bar of the blog, since I'm no longer pregnant. I changed the to do list to include things I would like to accomplish this year with the baby, and without. I realized that I have not been away from the kid for more than 2 hours, ever, since he was born! Hence, some of the goals. I'm trying to think of more things to add...let me know if you have ideas for me. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


in my living room:

...y van a llevarte a Target...

(and they're going to take you to Target)

Yes, we are USA-bound! Baby Boy is going to meet many an American institution and we are both excited!