Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Months

We've hit a big milestone: you're holding your head up fabulously. Now, YOU decide what direction you want to be looking in, though sometimes you are quite indecisive going back and forth from left to right and right to left until something catches your eye, or you make yourself most comfortable.

You love looking at yourself in the mirror and making faces; it's like you have a little friend up there. You flail your arms to move your toys and you're finally managing to grab some of them from time to time. We often find you holding long conversations with them, especially with the mobile.

You love music, and are happiest when we are singing to you. You will tolerate any activity, as long as it's accompanied by song, even an unwanted diaper change. And you're starting to imitate all those sounds with gah, and ling, and ooo.

You also love nature. You can't keep your eyes of the trees when we go for a walk, unless you fall asleep of course, which is usually the case in that soothing stroller of yours, or even in the carrier. Fresh air apparently, is the BEST for naps. Also good for naps: sleeping on your tummy.

You've become quite demanding: you want to eat NOW, you need to be burped at this moment, and you can't believe we would let you stay in your wet diaper one minute longer. Luckily once we take care of your needs you reward us with a smile and return to your happy demeanor. You will also let out a loud AH when your mommy isn't paying attention to you and you want her.

However, you also self-sooth with your little thumb. No longer do you have to flail your hand all around your face to find it; now it just pops right in for your naps. Unfortunately for night-time swaddled sleep we revert to a pacifier since your hands aren't accessible. But you love your swaddle, so we won't deny it to you. We will have to break this habit later, but for now you are sleeping like an angel.

Fun games: us blowing on your face and you suck in the air; squirming out of a fake swaddle.

At night you have a stretch of 4-5 hours, which means you only eat once at night! We like this A LOT, and Mommy can finally do some other things during the day time and still have lots of play time with you! Daddy, meanwhile, is your best bathing buddy! You're becoming a lot of fun, and we can't wait to see how you'll keep growing and changing!

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