Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Mexican American Baby Boy

This post is a tad overdue, but anyway. A week after Baby Boy was born we had to take him to the registro civil- civil registry- to get him his Mexican birth certificate. It required paperwork galore, and we managed to get lost about 3 times on the way, but once we were there it was relatively painless. We sat for an hour while they processed our paperwork, and then at the end we all had to sign the certificate (M and myself, plus 2 grandparents that came as witnesses, plus Baby Boy). Baby Boy gave his thumb print; it was cute. A couple days later M had to go back and get our certified copies so that we could move on to the next step.

A week later we went to the American consulate to apply for his report of birth abroad and American passport. The situation is a mess there, and I don't want to get into details but it can raise the blood pressure of the coolest cat. The wait was not at all short and then we still had to come back another day to bring new pictures because ours had a slight shadow. Passport pictures + sleepy 2 week old baby= really really hard to get. It took us over a week of trying to get another picture that was acceptable. But now our documents have arrived, so we are ready to leave the country for our coming-up trip.

So that's our not-so-interesting story of how our little guerito got his documentation.

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