Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Months

You started your second month of life with a big gummy smile, and now you can't get enough: that first taste of milk, playing with mommy and daddy, and even your favorite peacock toy all produce a joyous smile. For some reason you're also really happy while regurgitating milk.

Your favorite activity is looking around at the world around you. You demand to be sitting up on our legs for play time and poop time (with a serious stare and flared nostrils). You even love looking around while eating and bathing!

You love to snuggle all the time, burrowing your head into our chests, sleeping sprawled out on us, and cuddling at every possible moment. You even stopped resisting the swaddle and will occasionally put down your arms for us. Daddy calls you a magnet because you're stuck to us.

You've started making sounds. We know you're trying to tell us something but we're not sure what. And you can easily follow a moving object with your eyes. You enjoy music and will flail about when we put some on. And you grab and hit stuff to get it moving; it's a lot of fun time on the floor!

You decided that you do like to eat, after all, and now you can't get enough. You are finally getting some chub on you and we are so proud! Now stop with the thumb sucking and we'll be super happy. ;)

Mommy's pretty tired but she's getting in the groove. Daddy is the burp-master extraordinaire. You really are a perfect little Gerber baby and we love you more every day!

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