Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeding Chapter 5: Looking Forward

So where are we now?

It definitely took several days for Baby Boy to get back in the groove after being exclusively bottle-fed. We tried the boppy again; we tried the cross-cradle position; we tried the walking around. He kept re-adjusting his latch to one that was way too small, but is getting better every day. Unfortunately, I depleted my entire freezer stash during all those feedings, and so I will have to start pumping a little more to re-build it for another rainy day.

I learned a lot from the experience though: about the composition of breast milk, about how medications are absorbed into the body (more or less), about holding my ground and not taking doctors' opinions as pure fact. As this saga shows, sometimes our limits are tested over and over and now that Baby Boy is finally showing some fat rolls I can be proud of myself for sticking to my gut instinct and getting this breastfeeding thing to work.

I am not disillusioned that this is the last of our problems. His latch is still not perfect. Nursing in public is still a major deterrent of going out for extended periods of time for me. And I am most definitely paranoid about "draining" the breasts at every meal. I still have the occasional thought that I wish he was 6 months old so that I could start weaning and not feel like a cow much of the day. But I have hope that we can make it.

My new goal: 3 months!

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