Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zero Sum

While I was pregnant, I wrote about my fear of the potential drama involving family visitors after the birth of Baby Boy. In retrospect I was right to worry.

In conclusion I would say that having family here was a zero sum game. One grandma arrived the morning after we got home from the hospital, completely disregarding my wishes to have a couple days "just the 3 of us". Two more grandparents arrived after a few days, and the last grandpa a couple days after them. So Baby N's second week home had 4 grandparents in attendance.

The good was that they cooked; I was forced out of the house to do a little entertaining; and it made them happy.

The bad was that I didn't have the time or energy to sit for meals with everyone; I was forced out of the house to do a little entertaining; and I just didn't get a lot of "help".

The only person that really attended to me was M, and that was tough since I couldn't do much for myself while recovering from surgery. He was also doing our laundry, cleaning, organizing activities, and oh yeah, going back to school. I, on the other hand, was feeding, feeding, changing, feeding and feeding, while juggling a little entertaining.

And that was tough, because with 4 people in our living room I was jailed to our bedroom for feedings and about 20 hours a day. So as much as it was good to drop off Baby Boy for an hour here and there to be held by someone else, I am really really happy to be able to feed naked in front of the tv, spend some free time blogging and not have to expend energy on chatting when all I want to do is sleep. All in all, it was a wash.

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