Friday, July 29, 2011

One Month

Baby Boy,

From the very first moment, you loved to sleep on the boob.You also like to sleep on your arm. Sometimes you make these funny squeaks while you sleep.

When you're on your own, your hands are always by your face. You discovered your fingers and love to suck on them. You've become super alert and observant, and your eyes will follow a moving object. Somewhere in there are inklings of a smile, and we can't wait for it.

You love being snug and warm, and love your bath as long as it's hot enough. You're not a fan of diaper changes, but you poop a lot, so we have no choice. :)

When you grab on to us, you look like a monkey; when you're hungry you peck like a little birdie; and when you're trying to get up, you pull your neck out like a turtle.

You have fabulous neck control moving side to side, and your arms and legs are super strong so that your pushes and kicks are not so easy to manage. If we give you something to push off of, you will crawl across the bed.

You cry only if we put you down, if you're really starving, or if you're cold (diaper changes, clothing removal, taking out of bathtub). And sometimes your arms startle you with a lift and shake.

Your mommy has discovered a new level of patience she's never had to exercise. Your daddy has become a super- student-organizer- household manager extraordinaire. We love you more than the world, more than our hearts can manage.

Happy One Month Birthday!

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