Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hediondo= Stinker

On Baby Boy's one month birthday he decided to be a major stinker.

3 poop explosions that dirtied the diaper cover.

1 poop explosion that dirtied the diaper cover and his pants.

1 pee that went from diaper to cover to his clothes to his Mama's pants, to his Mama's girdle, to his Mama's underwear. Yes, that's 6 layers if you're counting. Yes, it made it to my underwear, no joke.

But not to be outdone:

1 pee that went from diaper to cover to his clothes, to Mama's pants, to the duvet, to the sheet on the bed, to the mattress cover!

And that's how you go through 6 diaper covers, 4 sets of clothes, and 2 sheets in one day! Needless to say, we ended up celebrating his birthday with a laundry extravaganza.

*To make sure we didn't think he peaked at 1 month, on 1 month + 1 day Baby Boy hit a new milestone: poop in the tub.

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