Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm ready. Before I was ready to be done being pregnant. Now I'm ready to meet Baby Boy!
There are a few things on my list I didn't finish, but somehow that doesn't bother me too much; they will get done at some point. Everything for the little munchkin though is definitely ready for his arrival.
I've had some nervous thoughts about labor. I'm not sure which I fear more an induction or c-section. I guess the former is a fear for the present (will it work? will Baby be under distress? will it be horribly painful? will I end up with a c-section anyway?). The latter is a fear for the future (how will I manage recovery? will it put future pregnancies in jeopardy?) Either way, that is my only real concern.
Then I've had on and off thoughts that it's our last days of being "just the two of us" and maybe I'm not taking advantage of them to the fullest.
But mostly, I'm ready. I want to meet him, and see what he looks like, and what temperament he has, and when his birthday will be! And so, I'd really like labor to start- now!

(today is my newest due date apropo)

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