Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(Over) Protective

Every week that goes by I feel better about the baby. At first I was worried- about miscarriage, pregnancy symptoms, my health and subsequently the baby's as well. Little by little I started to feel better about it. Around 24 weeks I breathed the first sigh of relief; at 31 weeks again, and now every day feels a little better. As I rapidly approach full term, my only real concern is some unknown genetic condition that the monthly ultrasounds couldn't pick up on. But otherwise I am feeling more happy and less concerned as the time goes by. (Could it be that I have almost gotten used to the crazy hormones?)

M, on the other hand, has become extremely protective of me. As the time has gone by, he has let me do less and less. At around the time that I was first starting to feel more confident, M began taking over the carrying of groceries, bring up of laundry and putting in our water bottles. As the time has gone on, he has been adamant about not letting me carry much, making sure I take my vitamins, and not get out of breath too much by cleaning like I used to. Sometimes, I feel he's a little over-protective; I'm not an invalid after all. I think, though, that as my belly has grown and movement can be not only felt, but seen, from the outside, the situation has become more real. Daddy's getting ready to take care of us, and that's a good feeling all in all.

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