Monday, June 6, 2011

My Sciatic Nerve

is a pain in the ass. Literally. It won't let me sleep; it won't let me sit; it won't let me be. Instead I find myself running up and down, pacing around the house, flipping back and forth from side to side, and cringing every time.

At 34 weeks, I think I have more empathy now for the women that are really uncomfortable throughout their pregnancy. Because despite everything, I've been mostly lucky with my symptoms. They haven't overtaken my life, and even though they may slow me down, I am still the boss. For now.

Eddy says the new man is boss. Maybe. Or soon anyway.

I hope this is the worst of it. Actually I still think the week 15 constipation was worse. I'm ignoring the fact that in 4-8 weeks I might be in a lot more pain. Ok?

[Update- Since I first typed up this post a couple of weeks ago, the pain has been on and off but mostly gone away. I credit its disappearance with the diligent return of my daily walks].

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