Thursday, June 9, 2011

Med School Baby Shower

Some of M's classmates wanted to have a baby shower for us and I was all over that. M was a bit reluctant since we both know that shower=spending money, and none of us have much of it. But, after a bit of conversation and consultation we agreed to have a little event. So Monica organized a Mexican style (=at a restaurant, nobody has to make food) shower, and it turned out really well!
When we first arrived nothing was set up, and I was a little worried. However, by the time everyone else arrived, the waiters had set up a large U-shaped table, decorations were up, and they even pulled out a little cart-shaped gift table. (I guess they've done this before).

For me the best part was that we had games- baby trivia, how many candies in the box, circumference of M and I hugging. We also ate (and some drank) well, and we had a really good group of people*. It was super nice that M was able to hang out with his friends and be celebrated as well, even though he claimed it was "for me". The staff was very attentive to our large group, and everything flowed (something I don't take for granted in this country). And for dessert we brought out a La Casita (chocolate w/cream cheese frosting) cake. Mmm...cake.

We also got lots of great gifts that are so appreciated because I know how difficult it is to shop for baby stuff here. It turned out to be a really fun evening and I really felt that Baby Boy was celebrated!

*The only bummer is that we both realized there are some pretty cool couples that we only started getting to know this semester, and it will probably be a lot more difficult to get to know them better once we have a baby. C'est la vie.

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