Friday, June 10, 2011


OR: Clothes

I've been dawdling around with Baby Boy's wardrobe for far too long. First I thought we would get a bunch of stuff on our USA trip. That was a no go. Then I thought I might get some at the baby showers, which I did. But after consulting several resources, I had maybe 2 or 3 day's worth of clothes and I really really don't want to do laundry every other day for that.

So I needed to stock up and I had been totally indecisive because boy clothes are just not that cute. I was sick of looking at light blue everything, and even though I know I should just get multi-packs of onesies, I want Baby Boy to be a little bit stylish. Sometimes I just wish we weren't "the first" to be having a kid, because some hand-me-downs would be totally welcomed, and solve my dilemma of how much to spend- quality/quantity/style-ity?

Once I realized how expensive clothes are down in Mexico, I started stalking a bunch of sites for sales and that only made me more crazy and frustrated. So I tried to go shopping locally again, this time dragging M along, and once he saw the prices he decided to get involved. I mentioned that I had seen a cute onesie on sale at the Gap, this one to be exact:

M agreed that it was cute. Saying of the day: "if I was a baby, I would want to hang out in these things [onesies] every day". So with our two laptops we managed to compile a good amount of stuff and get it ordered! Finally!

*The only kicker is that I won't be able to pre-wash, since we'll only be getting the clothes once our family comes down here. But for what we got, non-ugly-pretty-affordable-wardrobe, I can deal with that.

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