Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hookin' up the Crib

We got a crib. The night before we were going to go shopping* and pick one out, a friend emailed me that she heard through the Wives grapevine that I hadn't gotten one yet and would I be interested in hers. Well, we went over the next day- met her husband, saw the crib, called a third friend with a truck, completed the transaction and got the crib home. Might I add, we also got the mattress, breathable bumper and sheets, so it was a pretty good deal. The only work we might need to do is secure the "drop-side" part of it; it doesn't work anyway but I would like to bolt it in a little better just to be safe. For the time being though, the baby won't be moving too much and that side will be against the wall.

So now we have a crib in our living room. This morning we had a brainstorming session because my measurements for putting the crib in our bedroom were off. Or rather, the crib is bigger than I thought it would be. This time we went old school- a measuring tape, a piece of paper, and us sitting on the bed trying to come up with every possible configuration. We tried everything; we were ready to get rid of our nightstands, or remove my closet door, or make tiny passageways, but nothing was working. Until M had a brilliant idea- put the bed diagonally. And he credits me with not brushing him off, but I sketched it out, and it looks like it's going to work!

Now we have to wait to hear news from the doctor. If I'm having a C-section, we're not going to move the crib in, but rather bring up one of our twin beds and co-sleep for the first week or so until I can comfortably get out of bed. If I get the green light for a natural birth then, we'll be going into our diagonal configuration. Either way, I'm excited that we have our biggest missing purchase completed, and a plan in place.

*Our "last stuff for baby" shopping trip ended up with a couple more outfits, a new Sam's club membership [which landed us with], foam floor tiles, and (most impulsively) a pool. Yes, a pool: that takes up our whole patio, that we bought on the last day of "hot season", i.e. the first day of "rainy season".

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