Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've mostly been avoiding this whole part of the having a baby thing- giving birth. A few of the Wives here have had babies in Mexico and they all had lots of stories to share. One in particular ended with a "Franken-vaj"; I could not make this up if I wanted to. From February to April, when we got together for regular 5k walks at Colomos Park, I heard more than I ever wanted. But I wasn't ready to do much with the information.

Since then, I've been given the name of a recommended doula by a friend, given the information for a natural birth class by a lady on the plane back here, sent youtube videos by my mother, and generally been inundated with questions by a number of well-meaning friends and acquaintances (all natural? epidural? which hospital? using a birthing pool? bringing music)???
The final straw, as weird as it may sound, was a email reminding me to write my birth plan. So I did. Sort of.

I stopped avoiding the matter and read through a bunch of information online, and I took notes on things that sounded right to me. (I even read some of the information in Spanish so that I would have some of the terminology down- yay me!) I draw the line at classes; there will be none of those. I feel like I need to know just enough to be informed and I'm fine with being in the dark about the rest of the details. This way I will just have to deal with things as they come and will not be bound to some text I wrote in the comfort of my living room.

Coincidentally, or not, a couple days after I finally wrote something down, we get news that Baby Boy will have to be carefully monitored during the birth (throwing out the whole laboring at home, walking around, dipping in the pool scenario I had envisioned), and there's even a chance for a C-section which is going from "definitely not" to "a real possibility". That's life.

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