Monday, May 9, 2011

Stroller Scouting

New York City is most definitely one of my favorites! It is also a fabulous place to stare down people with strollers and see how they handle in the streets. Everywhere we walked, we were looking at the UppaBaby, and the Bugaboo, and the MacLaren, and of course the Baby Jogger (my personal fave). Here's a picture of me, and my (hopefully) future stroller:

M was pretty shocked when I told him that some of these nice ones we saw run around 900 buckaroos, so suddenly $240 didn't seem so much for a stroller.

The following week in Houston, we stopped by a retail store to take a look in person, and confirm that it is the one we want. I told M to walk around in the store with it, and he began to do swirls and spins, calling it a "trick stroller". I'm pretty sure that means it's daddy-approved, although I did tell him afterward to walk around pretending there was a child in it. Still, it's a winner in our book. All we have to do is figure out how to get it here.

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