Tuesday, May 17, 2011

31 weeks

This time, we were in Houston, and things were good.

We spent the end of our vacation with a little more relaxation and culmination of shopping that resulted in the picture seen here!

  • I feel huge!
  • My belly got heavy. So I bought a belt, and that seems to work to alleviate the pressure a bit when I am walking. Unfortunately, it's not so comfy when sitting down.
  • GERD, is my new friend. No more OJ, spicy, onions, garlic, tomatoes...all my loves are being booted out of my life for now.
  • Constipation, also back.
  • Lower back pain is a new buddy that hits from walking too much, sitting too much and anything in between.
  • But, I feel good, and more excited than I've been.
  • I love having baby stuff around; it feels more real.
  • People have become very very nice and accommodating to me, and that I love.

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