Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking Around

How to carry Baby Boy has been one of my biggest dilemmas.
On the one hand, I think I need a stroller, or at least at some point I will.
On the other hand, I've been told by several people here that it'll be easier to carry Baby Boy than maneuver the sidewalks here.
On the third hand I don't want to be confined to "only" a carrier.
On the fourth hand bringing down a stroller is going to be a PITA! I dunno.

I really want a Moby. But it's 40 USD for a piece of fabric. But I went to the fabric store, and the fabric was 32 USD, so maybe I should just get a Moby Wrap?

And I want a Baby Jogger. I'm obsessed and convinced that I need one. Except I probably don't.

And so, my friends what to do? what do I really need for the first 3 months? Can the stroller wait or will I totally regret it?

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