Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnancy Preparation

Ok, I might be a little strange in this, but I really haven't wanted to read too much about pregnancy. Mostly I find it is way too scary; so many things that can go wrong; so many gory details; and so much judgy-ness.

I have definitely read up on what to not eat (caffeine, alcohol, raw fish, unpasteurized dairy), things I should do (excercise, kegels, vitamins), and a bit of this and that on the forums I check out (WeddingBee Babies, Bump and Baby, Baby Center) once in a while. But somehow, in a very unlike-me fashion, I did not pick up a single book on pregnancy. Instead I just check out some articles as I come across them and basically try to relax.

I wasn't sure if I could do it and I've had a bit of book-withdrawl*, but happily I picked up some baby related books and I think that in the long run, those are probably more practical. Plus, I'm married to a medical school student, so if I have a question I have him look it up in the professional literature. Finally a perk to have a study-enclosed studying husband!

*This is the book I picked out, but in the end didn't order.

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