Monday, April 11, 2011


This is a new thing for me as of the last three weeks. I took a few naps way back in trimester numero uno, but it was kind of an oddity, mostly I just lay on the couch. Now, ever since I started walking morning 5k's (not everyday), and it started getting really hot here a la 90 degrees, and I can't seem to stay asleep after 7am, I've been getting tired enough to nap.

So I'm trying to embrace this. I'm not a fan of missing daylight hours, but staying up is even worse, and I realized that when I'm tired and I don't sleep I'm totally useless. (sidenote: What will I do when I'm sleep deprived with an actual human to take care of???) So in the spirit of keeping up with housework and doing some menial errands while I can still walk without a waddle, I'm gonna do it.

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