Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Prep: Diapers

I came across the notion of cloth diapering on the blogosphere, oh so accidentally, and I was immediately enthralled. I started reading up like crazy about all the different types and terms. Mostly I find it really appealing to a) not be putting plastic on baby's butt, b) not be buying tons of disposable diapers. I really much rather be doing more laundry than, spending cash on what will become lots and lots of trash. So for me it was pretty much a no-brainer.
Then I had to get M on board. And I think that more than the environmental/natural fibers arguments, the money we will eventually save started getting him on board. And the promise of maybe easier potty training is just a cherry on top.

So BIG DECISION no. 3- is to cloth diaper. Now we just have to figure out the details- what type, where to buy, how to make sure we've got everything we need down in Mexico.

So far my favorites seem to be one size, all in one, no extra steps like putting in liners or stuffing or clipping or covering. The only issue is to figure out what to do for the first month or two when they will still be a bit too big. That, and how to install a diaper sprayer, and what laundry detergent to use. More chatting on this topic to come. :)

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