Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Prep: the Car

So this post is one of the only baby-related posts that went up on my old blog before I abandoned it. I thought it was fitting to get the whole picture though, so I'm going to run it again.

So far the Mr. and I are pretty chillaxed about the baby thing. Somehow my feeling better now, combined with an exciting semester coming up has left us mostly relaxed about the whole thing. But since we have just under 6 months to prepare, we've been slowly tackling task by task. Probably the most daunting thing is that M will be starting another semester when the baby is due. So we want to be ready and not stressed during the 8th/9th month when M will have finals.

Our BIG DECISION no. 1- is that we're not going to move. We really love our little casita here, and its location in town. While we may re-visit this at a later point, for the time being, we're going to play around with furniture and make it work in the space we have.

Consequently, BIG DECISION no. 2- is to get another car. M has to go to clinic that's basically in the ghetto. And next year he's going to be in the hospital (that's also out of town), all day, every day. So we got him a car, perfectly suited for driving around town:

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