Monday, March 28, 2011

An Alternative View, Part 1

I already blogged about our trip on my travel blog. And yet, something personal and private was going on, that no one could hear about, but now I can definitely share. We arrived in Santiago, Chile. And thank you Higher Being, wherever you are, but I was eating normally again. We totally did the normal touring stuff, mixed in with a lot of family time (read: eating time). But we were a little concerned that I was starting to look "fat". I'll let you judge for yourself:

And we got totally excited seeing this piece in La Moneda cultural center and talking about how we could get a Mexican carpenter to make us one:

It was kind of fun being a little smug in those days. M took a picture of this on an old car in Valparaiso, and thinks we should get one like it:

It was also a little awkward. Not having any wine in a country that makes a lot of good wine. Not having a pisco sour toast. Being suddenly dis-interested in going out to sushi. Luckily we were going with the fact that M's family didn't know me very well, and probably wouldn't notice that this behavior was a bit out of the ordinary for me. And anyway, it was time to get on the road...

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